Queensland Classic Jaguar Enthusiasts Club

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Pre War

 Lloyd and Lorraine Andersens  SS100  Doug Young's 1938 2.5l SS drophead  Lloyd and Lorraine Andersens  SS100  Greg Berkmans SS100
 Berkman and Wilsons SS100 s  Ken Walters 1938 3.5l SS drophead before restoration
 Colin Galleys 1940 2.5l SS Jaguar
 Ron & Mina Lauries 2.5l SS drophead under restoration
The Lauries other 1938 2.5l drophead Rod and Sue Greasleys 1939 2.5l SS drophead

Mark 4

 Allan and Jenny Bergs 3.5l MK4  Angus and Eleanor Lay's MK4 before restoration  Neil and Sharyn Covenlys 3.5 litre  Allan & Jenny Bergs 3.5 litre MKIV
 Tony & Karen Jamiesons MKIV 3.5l saloon  Chris and Jacqui Pikes 3.5 litre  Kevin and Sandra Gibsons 1947 3.5 litre  Dennis and Mararet O'Neills restoration in progress
 Rod and Stella Clarkes 3.5L  Bill and Heather Winstones 3.5Litre  Kelly and Peter Runge's 2.5L MK4  Kelly and Peter Runge's 2.5l before restoration
Kelly and Peter Runge's 2.5l during restoration Neil and Sharyn Coveney 3.5l being restored Neil and Sharyn Coveney 1.5l under restoration Fred and Tess Richardsons 3.5Litre
Noel and Verity Murrays 1.5L before restortion Rod and Sue Greasleys 3.5l drophead Ian and Marion Hendersons MK4 during restoration Kees and Chris Heybroeks MKIV 2.5l saloon
Noel Murray's 1.5l mark IV under restoration Ian Henderson's 3.5l MK4

Mark 5

 Richard Harrisons MkV  The Jorgensens MkV  Alan Flynns 3.5 litre  John Youngers 'Black Cat'
 Arch Felton's MK5 with mascot  Graeme and Jean Forbes 3.5 litre  Phil Youls 3.5L  Graham and Ronda Lyons MKV
Graham Jordan & Dyann Burrows 1950 MKV  Colin Galleys MkV  Alan Jorgensen's  MKV under restoration  Terry & Helen Crossleys 3.5l  MKV DHC
 Morris and Carol Morgan's MKV under restoration  Bob and Lorraine Jenkinsons MKV  Lloyd and Lorraine Andersens MKV  Wally and Josie Carlton's 3.5l MKV
 Geoff & Pixie Reeves MKV 3.5l Saloon  Peter and Lib Collins 3.5l MKV  Ian Baker's mark V under restoration  Paul & Luanne Jenson's 1949 MKV
Morrie and Carol Morgan's 1949 MkV sedan Gary and Jane Mikkelsen's 1950 MKV Sedan

XK Series

 Kees and Chris Heybroeks XK120  Graeme and Jean Forbes XK150  Lloyd & Lorraine Andersens restored XK120  Doug Young's XK140 DHC
 Brian James 3.4l XK150 manual  Colin Galleys XK150S  Lloyd and Lorraine Andersens XK120  David and Robyn Hughes XK120 FHC
David and Robyn Hughes XK140 DHC john and Margaret McGee XK150

Mark 7,8,9

 Lloyd and Lorraine Andersens Mark 9  Michael Matsons & Terry Friars MK9  Lloyd and Lorraine Andersens Mk7  Streve and Nancy Wintringhams MK7
Bob & Sue Kennedys Mk 7 Colin Galleys MK 9 Geof & Helen Rowes Mark VII Geof & Helen Rowes Mark VIIM

Other Cars

David Flynns Daimler Special Sports Peter and Toni Watson's 420 Trevor and Michelle Johnssons S Type Graeme and Jean Forbes Mk2
 Mk5 and Austin Princess  Peter and Lib Collins MG TF  Len Seemans MK1  Merv & Lyn Jacksons XJR
 Garry and Desley Burns Daimler under restoration  Doug Young's MK1  David Flynns 1934 Derby Bentley  John and Margaret McGee Daimler
Trevor and Michael Johnssons 1948 Daimler DB18 Michael Matsons E type Neil and Sharyn Coveney  XJ8 James Mallon's XJS V12
Brian James 1975 Daimler Sovereign Brian James 1995 XL6 Sport Merv & Lyn Jacksons XJS Convertible Daryll and Jenifers 1999 XKR convertible
Len Seeman's 3.4L MK1 Heather and Bill Winstones XJC Ian and Clare Unsworth's MK2 Sandra Bathes Mark 2
Geof & Helen Rowes 3.8l S Type Geof & Helen Rowes XJ6 Series 1 John and Jan Miles Rolls Royce David and Robyn Hughes E Type
Merv & Lyn Jacksons XJS Coupe Merv & Lyn Jacksons E type series 3 Merv & Lyn Jacksons 420